bedroom accessories

Accessories To Support Your Bedroom

A livable house should have bathroom, living room, kitchen and bedroom. Of course anyone knows, if the bedroom is the most important space to be a place to relax and rest. However, the bedroom will not be considered as a bedroom if it is not equipped with a bed. Not only that, other furniture such […]

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Gazebo design large

Release Stress By Building a Gazebo at Home

The burden of work piling up and a bit of problems that hit often sparking stress. Although some experts say stress is good for a person because it can increase the senses and sharpens the mind, apparently excessive stress levels can adversely affect mental and physical health or body. Travelling to enjoy the nature beauty […]

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wood ceiling

Ceiling Design for Industrial Home

Industrial home design is able to attract attention, especially because the owner does not need a lot of money to design it. It looks raw, urban. It is also suitable combined with other designs such minimalist and tropical. Original industrial style is generally created through some materials such as steel pallets concrete, stainless steel plate, […]

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Stylish Minimalist Bedroom Tips

Having tired of working all day, resting in a private bedroom will be the first choice to unwind. So make your bedroom as comfortable as possible is required to do. Moreover, if you do all the activities in the bedroom. The comfort of a bedroom is not only on the cleanliness reason. But the room […]

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bathroom sink

Tips to Utilize Space for a Cramped Bathroom

When building home, the bathroom is one of the things that need attention. What if you do not have much land for the bathroom? Take a look at tips to utilize the space of small bathroom below. Utilizing the bathroom corner by installing wash basin The first way to use the space of cramped bathroom […]

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house cleaning

7 Big Mistakes When Cleaning The House

For those of you who do not have a household assistant, usually time off at weekends is often used as a schedule to clean the house thoroughly. From sweeping, mopping, scrubbing the bathroom floor, tidying up the garden, to clean the dust off the ceiling. In short time you have, lead you to often hastily […]

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wood furniture cleaning

Practical Tips to Clean Wood Furniture

Some people love wooden furniture because of typical color and offer a natural nuances and warm. Various types of wood often used as furniture, but teak remains to be excellent. Teak wood is strong, durable, and looks luxurious. Besides teak, other types of wood used for furniture and accessories are mahogany, rosewood, acacia, tamarind, camphor, […]

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room wallpaper

7 Things to Consider Before Papering

Wallpaper is a layer to cover the walls, especially inside the room (interior). The motives are varied can be adjusted with the desire or spatial design concept which will be applied in line with the look of the room. Moreover, the wallpaper durability up to ten years. Compared with the wall paint which in two […]

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